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Services and Pricing

Digital Publishing Packages

If you are publishing an electronic book (E-book) our team can offer you a combined package of editing and designing your cover. For more information, see our Digital Publishing page.


Editing and Proofing

DoubleCheck Editing does a wide variety of copy editing and proofreading of books, articles, manuscripts, advertisements, presentations, brochures, manuals, and newsletters for businesses and organizations. **

We also work with individuals who need assistance with creating great job applications and admission forms.**

Creating Content

Our team can also create content for your website, write instructions, craft reports, produce profiles and biographies, and develop study guides for books and other projects. **

If you need help with content creation of any kind, talk with us about how we can assist.**


If you have a nonfiction book or reference work that requires a thorough index, the team of professionals at DoubleCheck Editing can quickly produce a comprehensive index that will make sense to the reader. **


**All prices vary by project and are agreed upon by both parties before work begins. We pride ourselves on completing projects excellently for a fair price, so email us, and we'll begin a conversation.

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