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About Us

All of the work we do at DoubleCheck Editing is aimed at helping people express themselves - clearly, confidently, and with great care. The work our editors do has helped businesses organizations, churches, and individuals who need help translating life into words.

I started DoubleCheck Editing to help combine the two loves of my life: words and people. I have written, edited, and typed away the hours of my life to hone my God-given talents and serve those around me. My passion for words is deeply rooted in my love of learning; as a child, I devoured books, insatiable in my desire to learn more about the world. As a young adult, my learning style demanded experience as well as words, so I pursued singing, acting, and writers’ groups. Outside of school, I worked on mission trips to assist those in need and, as a result, developed a love of cultures. Back in Toledo, Ohio, I joined the International Youth Academy and served as an American Ambassador to groups of international students.

Uncertain of how my love of writing coincided with my international interests, I majored in Professional Writing, then started DoubleCheck Editing while finishing my degree. I also obtained a degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, and I currently teach for the International School for Women and Children in Toledo. I've explored graphic design, worked with local businesses, and assisted with more than 100 print and web-based projects with such companies as Abingdon Press, MacGregor Literary, and LEADon, Inc.

"We have been completely impressed with the work of Hannah and the team at DoubleCheck Editing. After we tried them on an initial project, we had them revise and edit our entire company website. They did a fabulous job.
 "I heartily recommend the work done by Hannah Selleck and DoubleCheck Editing. If you've got any editing needs -- call them first."

--Chip MacGregor, President    
MacGregor Literary

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